Save Money with New Windows

With the high cost of home heating this winter in the Massachusetts area, consumers are searching for ways to save on home heating costs. Energy saving Replacement Windows are an excellent choice, since the government believes that 40% of heat loss in the home is related to windows. We at Thermal Products of MA specialize in educating, selling and installing the best windows at a reasonable cost that meets our customer's needs.

Casement Windows


Casement windows provide your home with a stunning accent that adds value and aesthetic appeal to everything from your family room to a well-designed kitchen.

  • Smooth, easy to operate crank mechanism eliminates the need to strain and force windows open.
  • Energy efficient custom designs with double compression bulb seals to protect against air and water infiltration.
  • Maintenance free frames and sashes that make every window care-free for life.

Double Hung Windows


The right replacement windows say alot about the pride you take in your home. Our recommended choice, Excalibur Windows, place as much emphasis on style as they do comfort and energy-efficiency.

  • Fusion-welded frames and sashes add strength and rigidity.
  • Dual ventilator locks provide a safe, secure way to keep windows open for proper ventilation.
  • Full balance covers help protect against air infiltration while adding a finished look to the window frame.
  • Constant force balance system eliminates sash cords, weights and pulleys. You'll benifit from smooth, comfortable fingertip operation.
  • Tilt-in top and bottom sashes make cleaning safe and easy from inside the home.

Sliding Windows


Add a bright new dimension of comfort and elegance. Sliding windows add a modern appearance with an unobstructed view of the outside. Low maintenance, engergy efficient and easy to clean.

  • Available in Lift-Out or Swing & Clean for easy cleaning.
  • Available in 2-Lite and 3-Lite configurations.
  • Nylon-encased dual brass roller system, ensures smooth operation.

Awning Windows


Awning windows feature maximized glass area, providing an open, clutter-free look that makes any view more elegant. Let in more natural light, and make a bold statement that will add character and life to any room.

  • Beveled exterior sash design gives the window the appearance of a larger glass with an attractive slimline look.
  • Dual point locking system for a safe secure fit.
  • Combine awning and fixed windows to add striking beauty and increased visibility.

Bay & Bow Windows


Bay and Bow windows make a beautiful difference. These three-dimensional windows create dramatic new looks, adding style to the exterior of your home as they expand interior space, light and view. Create instant charm with a cozy bay window reading nook.

  • Add a dramatic new allure and flair to any room.
  • Exceptionally energy efficient.
  • Multiple lite configurations available in a single mainframe.

Garden Windows


Garden windows add a new dimension of beauty and comfort to any room in your home. Imagine feeling warm sunny days with gentle breezes from within your home. Create a wonderful display of herbs and plants to invite yet a bit more of the outdoors inside.

  • Insulated glass ensures year-round comfort for you and your plants.
  • Virtually maintenance free.
  • Side vents invite those gentle breezes right into your home.





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Why Trust Thermal Products of MA?

Up to $1500 Cash Back

As you probably already know, the new Stimulus Bill - known as The American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 - was signed into law on February 17, 2009. The bill extends and modifies the tax credits for qualifying products as established in the Energy Tax Policy Act of 2005.

Best of all, you can earn tax credits up to $1500!

When you purchase qualifying windows you can earn a credit of up to 30% of the product cost and up to $1,500 on your federal income tax.
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Thermal Products of MA Recommends

The ultimate choice for beauty, comfort and energy efficiency, Excalibur windows help to pay for themselves through lower energy costs, freedom from maintenance and increased property values. Plus, our impressive Lifetime Limited Warranty* delivers the peace-of-mind you would expect from an industry leader.

Performance Options

Make your home more engergy efficient with Energy Star Rated Windows

Ask about the Energy Star qualified Low E-Glass or optional upgrade ClimaTech or ClimaTech Plus Insulated Glass.

ClimaTech glass can save you money on heating and cooling your home.

Made In the USA Quality Products

Whether you are remodeling, renovating or building a new home, vinyl windows deliver unmatched beauty and state-of-the-art performance for energy savings, reduced maintenance and a more comfortable home.

Every window installed by Thermal Products of Mass is custom made in the USA to fit your home perfectly without compromising performance or beauty and last a lifetime.

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